FUTURUM 4 SEASONS Base Layer Merino Extra Warm Black

If you are looking for a thick base layer to use in the winter, the FUTURUM 4 SEASONS Base Layer Merino Extra Warm is the best choice. This is the first undershirt in the world to be made from 98% merino wool. The extra thick fabric will keep you warm. The special thing about Merino wool is that it absorbs moisture, but still has an insulating effect, even when wet. This functional base layer has been round-knitted for seamless comfort. The super soft fabric and seamless design ensure that the wool will not irritate your skin. Merino wool does not retain odours, so you can wear it day after day. The Lanoline in the wool is released when it gets damp to make sure that the garment will stay fresh. Merino wool is a sustainable raw material and easy to maintain. All you have to do is wash it, let it dry, and wear it. Furthermore, the base layer offers a great fit, thanks to the 4-way stretch which is provided by the elastane in the fabric.