FUTURUM 4 SEASONS Gloves Thermo Black

The FUTURUM 4 SEASONS Gloves Thermo are a perfect match with the 4 SEASONS jacket. The gloves are wind- and waterproof, but still very breathable. The secret is the Hdry membrane that is placed between the layers of fabric. This membrane ensures that wind and water cannot penetrate, but that moisture can still escape. The supple fabric fits comfortable around your hands, so you don't have the feeling that you are wearing extremely thick gloves. Because the gloves are nice and long, your wrists are also well protected. A silicone print and a padding on the inside of the hand provide comfort and a good grip on your handlebars. A soft fabric has been applied to the top of the thumb to wipe your face if necessary. No matter the circumstances, with these 4 SEASONS Gloves thermo you are ready to go!