FUTURUM Base Layer Long Sleeve Merino Warm Black

The long sleeved FUTURUM Base Layer Merino is the first base layer in the world to use 98% merino wool. The base layer can be used in all conditions and will keep you warm even when it is wet. The surfaces of the fibres remain dry, while moisture is absorbed into their cores. This makes this base layer extremely functional. The shirt’s round-knitted construction ensures a seamless design. The merino wool is very thin and soft and will move easily with your body. Neither the seams nor the wool will irritate your skin, so you will always be comfortable. The base layer has a satiny feel and will not retain odours. You can ride in it day after day. When the wool gets damp, Lanoline is released in the fibres to keep them fresh. The merino base layer is ready to wash and wear. It is made from sustainable raw materials and is easy to maintain. The base layer also offers a great fit, as elastane provides 4-way stretch.